mot (symmys) wrote,

Song-A-Week Project Week 21: Hay que huir

Song-A-Week Project week 21 is my first Spanish-Language song, and my first song arguably influenced by the curriculum I'm in the midst of teaching.

We're in the midst of a "travel" unit in which we make all the students plan a potential trip abroad. So I've been thinking a lot about travel.

This song begins with a reference to the opening of Neruda's "Walking Around" -- "Sucede que me canso de ser hombre". It seems appropriate for me to reference a poem with an English title, since I'm crossing languages myself with this tune. Anyway, the song is about the need to get away... but it looks at it from a darker, more pensive angle than the typical American "get-me-to-Spanish-speaking-land" song.

As always, the song is available in multiple formats:
Hay que huir mp3 ogg flac
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