mot (symmys) wrote,

Song-A-Week Project Week 24: First Christmas Alone

So I'm further behind on posting songs than on recording for what it's worth. I had some editing problems with my last few songs which has delayed my posting them (though I assure you songs 22 & 23 have been written & recorded). Nonetheless, I thought I'd better post this song since, being a Christmas song, it has a shelf life of only 5 days (of course you can get it out again next year after Thanksgiving)

In case you're wondering if this song is biographical -- no, it's not -- I'm actually going to be seeing both K & my families this Christmas.

First Christmas Alone (mp3)
First Christmas Alone (ogg)
First Christmas Alone (flac)

I'm also posting the song to soundclick if you would like to read the lyrics or if you prefer to listen to it through a slick flash interface here: First Christmas Alone, Song-A-Week Project

As always, the Song-A-Week Project is hosted on the internet archive and all songs are licensed as creative commons non-commercial share-alike.
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