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Song-A-Week Project - up to week 26

The Song-A-Week Project is now up to 26 songs -- half way. I'm finally putting pointers here to the mp3s for the songs, which have been on the internet archive for about a week. The songs were recorded at various times over the last 2 months and didn't make it to the internet for one reason or another.

Due to laziness, I've just included links to the mp3s. If you'd like to download ogg vorbis files or lossless flacs instead, you can find them at the Song-A-Week Project internet archive page

22. Running November 17th

This is my song about runners. In particular, it talks about young women running around Cambridge.

23. Extradiagetical December 3rd

This song is about sound tracks. My goal was to write a song using the word "extradiagetical". Needless to say, it became a rather sincere love song (of the break-up variety). The song is a narration of life as a movie sound guy might live it.

25. These Walls Are Thin January 7

This is my semi-autobiographical song about my downstairs neighbor. I try never to write as therapy, but this song was oddly therapeutic to write. It's a blues and like all blues it adds a certain ironic distance to its subject matter -- in this case, the awful situation of living above an awful, abusive person. (Actually, I may not believe she's awful — I'm not entirely sure I can believe people are awful — at any rate, as the song says, I think we all could use some mercy).

26. This is it January 15th

This is another existential love song. The trick of this song was to start with the utterly sketchy boy-singer line "We better make love" and to try, through the course of the song, to make that song at once sincere and not obnoxiously-sketchy-soul-man sincere. You be the judge of whether I succeeded.

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