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Song-A-Week Project Songs 27-31

I'm back after a long hiatus without any songs. I finally got some recording done this weekend. This is the first recording I've done since we moved at the end of January. It's good to be back recording songs again — the project felt like it had fallen through for a bit there — but I had to resort to some unusual writing to get the songs this time... I have 4 mini-songs (about ads) and one song whose lyrics are mostly stolen from John Donne.
27-30 The Advertising Songs
I decided to write a series of songs that attempt to (taken together) capture the experience of watching ads. Like the ads they are about, the songs are short and not complicated. Note that these are not jingles per se but songs about ads. Still, these songs are something more like direct comedy than what I usually write, but they helped me get over the halfway-hump in the song-a-week project (and make up the missed month of February...).
27. Advertising Song 1 - But You
28. Advertising Song 2 - Look At That
29. Advertising Song 3 - Our Commodity
30. Advertising Song 4 - Isnt This Lovely
31. Stay O Sweet
This song is inspired by a John Donne poem about not wanting to get out of bed. I added a chorus that is distinctly modern (it starts "rush hour waits for you", so it's pretty obvious when we're in the by-me part and not in the by-Donne part).
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