mot (symmys) wrote,

Song-A-Week Project Week 34: A little thing

The Song-A-Week Project continues with week 34: A little thing.

34. A Little Thing
This song came out of the structure of a joke. In specific, my friend Ryan was telling me about a friend of his who always tells jokes in which you claim to love (A) and then suggest you'd like to just change a few things about (A) to make it really awesome, until you've changed enough attributes that the original claim that you love (A) is ridiculous. For example:

I love rocky
Rocky is a great movie.
Only, I just wish instead of being set in Philadelphia, it was set in North Carolina. That would have been great.
And maybe instead of Rocky being a boxer, he could have been a pitcher, that would have been totally awesome.
And instead of meeting a shy girl that he fell in love with, he could have met a really sexy woman who would teach him all the secrets of baseball, and also like, sleep with the catcher and stuff.
And maybe instead of Sylvester Stalone, Rocky could have been played by Kevin Costner.

So anyway, I saw this structure and I thought: that there is a kind of sappy country song. So what I've written is a classic country song — one of the classic scenarios — only, in keeping with the structure of the joke, I haven't done the set up in the first verse, which means that the situation of the speaker takes a few verses to figure out.
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